DC-DC Step-Down Module 5V/12V/24V Adjustable Voltage Regulator 3A(Blue) LM2596 LM2596S

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Name: Buck DC-DC module LM2596
Input voltage: 4 V ~ 35 V
Output voltage: 1.23 V-30 V
Output current: 3A (maximum)
Conversion efficiency: 92% (maximum)
Output ripple: <30 mV
Switching frequency 150 KHz
Operating temperature: -45 ~ + 85
Size: 43mm * 21mm * 14mm (length * width * height)
1. The Input Voltage range: 3.2 V to 40 V DC (The input voltage must be higher than the output voltage of 1.5 V above, I can not reinforce)
2. The Output Voltage range: 1.25 V DC to 35 V adjustable voltage, High efficiency (92%) The highest maximum output current is 3A.
1. Power (3-40 V), Power indicator light, the module works correctly.
2. adjust the blue potentiometer knob (clockwise it generally increases rotation, rotation counterclockwise) and reaches a multimeter to monitor the required output voltage.
It is recommended to use current long working hours in less than 2.5A, while adding heatDispactor volume (10W output above), because it is the reduction module, to guarantee a stable output set, keep the minimum differential of 1.5 V.

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Weight 0.3 g
Dimensions 150 × 150 × 150 mm


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