360 Degree Battery Operated Portable Rotating Turntable For Photography & Products Display


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360° Rotating Turntable – Our display adopts 360° turntable design, the rotating speed is adjustable, you can adjust according to various demands. Perfect for displaying in all directions and angles

easy to use – Electric turntable, support clockwise. Single switch operation, continue to switch on and off until you get desired spin direction

Quiet & Smooth rotation – Designed specifically with 360° Imaging software, You’ll find that the turntable is the perfect product, this turntable stand runs low noise and low power consumption. And won’t affect your video shooting

Sturdy & Strong Capacity – Quality made and improved rotating display holder rotate much more stably, can easily hold up to 0.4 Kgs weight

Widely used – Used For Theme Exhibition, Window Display, Product Display, Photograph Show, Cube Spin Display, Advertising. Provide Customer 360 degree view of your product and allow Photographer to take photos in 360° degree view. Improve the exhibition effect in showroom, superstore, trade show, etc.

Diameter 110mm L  * 40mm H

Additional information

Weight 0.3 g
Dimensions 150 × 150 × 150 mm


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